Though the Device is designed to be as a wris band, the main unit can be detached from the silicon band and can be used as an attachment to the existing wrist watch the users are having. This helps the users to avoid using an extra wrist band while they go to office or outing and allows them to use the device along with their favourite branded wrist watches. The decision of having a detachable device came from the inference that the majority among working group in the metro cities have affinity towards the branded products. 

Multi-coloured LED lights are given as notification lights along with the vibration of the device to notify the user at various circumstances.

      Three different iterations of the wireframes for the app was designed and taken to the users for their feedbacks on each. Considering the Feedbacs from the users, the design was finalised and took forward for the refinements. 


     The visual interface for the application is designed by taking in consideration of various issues faced by the elderly people while looking at the screen. As the age increases, it becomes difficult for the eye to differentiate between similar hues and shades. So the background and foreground were given enough difference in contrast so that the foreground data becaomes clearly visible enabling the users to read with ease.


     After taking feedbacks from the users, the font sizes were increased to make it quite readable for the elderly persons. Considering the fact that the app would be used by early mid-aged people too, a contemporary feel was maintained through out the user interface and user experience what the app delivers.


     Throughout the application, special care was taken to make the user comfortable by removing all unwanted and confusing stuffs so as to deliver only what is relevant to the users. The number of buttons and actions were minimised to make the app more easy to use.


      The dark coloured screen helps in reducing the intensity with which the light from the screen hits the users eye as well as helps in reducing the battery drainage.



     The clickable prototype of the application was designed with the help of the software "POP - prototype on paper" . Witht the help of these prototypes, the user evaluation was done .


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