Usability Evaluator

The usability evaluator is the outcome of the effort put by a bunch of UX designers in Delhivery. We worked close to create this evaluator so that the developers and other stakeholders we work with can review our designs on the usability factors by comparing the designs with this evaluation matrix.


The credits belong to the following people who have worked in this project.

1. Anand Jha ( Senior manager, Delhivery)

2. Rachit Jain 

3. Avisek Bhattacharya

4. Harshit Choudhary



To create a set of guidelines which anyone in the firm can use to evaluate and assess the usability of the products belonging to delhivery product suite.Objective:



Few of the Points in the evaluator are given below.

1. App title

Every App should have an app title bar containing the app title along witht he company logo.

2. Primary navigation

All the primary navigations should be accessible to the users at every point of time and they should sit on top of all the pages, preferably on the left side of the screen. 

3. Page title & Breadcrumb​

Every page should have the page title, same as the primary navigation label. These labels should be comprehensible by the users 

(should be in context with the app usage".

User should always know where exactly he is in the app. For this breadcrumb is a must whenever the user goes a level deeper than the primary navigation.


The summative action to the whole page should lie in the footer and should not be on the scroll.


4. Summative actions

The summative actions corresponding to each module are kept at the bottom (preferably on the bottom right) considering the affordance we are used to.

5. Additive actions

The additive actions corresponding to every module luy on the top (Preferably to the right).

6. Resident actions

The pages were the user has to spend more time and perform various actions are called the resident pages. These resident actions should always be on static page and not on popups.

7. Transient pages

All the transient actions were the user would not spend more time are always accommodated on the modals/popups were the user can view and exit. 

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