Website Design for SHS Alumni Association.

Responsive design

Laptop / Desktop



The Brief
  • Create the alumni data base on the website starting from 1980's.

  • Search and connect with the batch mates.

  • Create an online platform to organise and share various events in relation to the alumni group.

  • The website should be responsive in all platforms. 


The website navigations are made as simple as possible. by having all obvious actions  made possible from the home page itself.


  • Create Profile

  • Login 

  • Edit profile

  • Change password

  • People (Find alumni's)

  • Events (Organise alumni events)

Landing Page

On scroll

The landing page is designed to have all the obvious actions expected from the user. The immidiate user attention is focused on to the old photographs which will make the experience more nostalgic for the alumnis. The colour tone of the photo is also chosen such that it gives a old age feeling.


Along with the welcome message, the user details are captured on scroll. The users can provide the required details and on approval from the admin, the profile will be added to the online alumni group in the website. Very minimal input fields are used for creating profile inorder not to make the users feel exhausted.


On scroll

The people page is designed to have a prominent search page as the obvious user interaction, considering that the main intention of the users in this tab would be to find their colleague and friends. But in case if they want to view all batches, they can scroll down to get the list of all batches.

Batch details
On searching by name

On clicking on any batch icon on the people page, the user can see all the profiles associated with that particular batch. The links to the social networks like facebook and LinkedIn could be accessed from this page if the user has given the public access to them.

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