The product semantics is one of the major area which cannot be avoided in the design and development of any product, whether in industry or by any person. A Product by itself can communicate with user through its form, texture, colour etc. Its by triggering these features the designers invokes certain emotions in the users while seeing the product. The semantics can be defined as an attempt to convey the meaning of a product through its form. The aim is to make the product intuitive, that the user knows what the product is and what it does without the instructions. 


          The project displayed here tries to find the semantics in a mixer grinder and creating a semantically correct contemporary indian looking mixer grinder. The whole design includes various processes (Cluster analysis, Semantic Differential, Semantic Gradient, Product Category space). A number of mixer grinder pics ranging from old to present time were collected and the study had been conducted based on these images. 

        The mixer grinders were grouped in different clusters by the users. The users were free to cluster the pics into any groups according to their choice. The basis of classification by the users were mainly on following parameters.



Based on Form

Colour & Finish


Taxonomy Chart


The taxonomy chart gives the user association of different forms, colour and texture to mixer grinder.

Big Knobs

Speed Indicators

Jar Lids

Stone texture

Product Category Space

The users were told to arrange the mixer grinders in 5different groups based on the typicality of the product. This test helped to understand the user relation to the product form, were the L  shaped mixer grinders were the most commonly chosen as very typical ones. The test was carried uut on married male and female users.

The product category space also helps to determine the product placement,  based on form.

The image on the left shows the moodboards and the elements which had been chosen for designing the contemporary indian mixer grinder which would be placed in the typical space in the product category space. To design the contemporary indian mixer grinder, visual elements from the typical indian kalash was given prominance, along with the smart and contemperory visual elements. From the product category space, the large knobs and glass jars were taken as elements as it was those elements which the users have associated more towards the mixer grinder.

Another attempt was to design a futuristic indian looking mixer grinder that could be placed in the space along with the typical mixer grinders. For this, the visual elements were mainly chosen from the atypical side along with the elements taken from the indian Kalash. The colour and texture were chosen such that the product looks a little flashy.

Design Decisions



Very Very





Not So Typical


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