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New Approach to Delhivery Dashboards

Action driven dashboards for Delhivery.

“ Dashboards often provide at-a-glance views of KPIs (key performance indicators) relevant to a particular objective or business process (e.g. sales, marketing, human resources, or production). In real-world terms, "dashboard" is another name for "progress report" or "report."   “



Improve the current dashboards for various products keeping in mind the following factors :

  • Better visibility & Transparency of the system tasks and processes

  • Make dashboards flexible, so that the users can select what they want to see on the dashboard.

  • Make dashboard more action driven, helping the users understand the critical issues and help them solve it by acting on it.  

The Approach:

The entire dashboard real-estate is divided into two parts, “Actions required” & “ Performance”.

Performance dashboard:  This section will have all the relevant graphs, numbers, percentages  etc for the users to analyse the performance and understand the areas of improvements. 

Actions Required: This sections will contain all the tasks expected by the user to perform for the smooth functioning of the business. User can click on the individual cards to view the details of the tasks/redirect to the respective pages and complete the pending actions.

When no actions are pending:  If there are no actions pending from the user, the dashboard can greet him with a good illustration. The user always have the freedom to hide the section by clicking on the button “hide this section” whenever there is no tasks pending. 

Full screen dashboard: When the actions section is hidden, the entire real estate can be used for showing the dashboards. The dashboard panels will auto adjust to align themselves  on the screen. 

Customise the dashboard: The user can customise the dashboard by clicking on the “ Customize” button on the screen.  This will provide the list of pre-defined widgets, from which he/she can select the one relevant for their business growth/monitoring.

How the dashboard looks when implemented

For representation purpose, the Delhivery Express CL panel is used as a subject in this document. The same approach can be followed for all the other dashboards that we have in Delhivery. 

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