Merchant App

The android mobile app for the HLD merchants to create and monitor the orders and field executives.

Why Merchnt mobile App ?

Even tough we "Delhivery" had provided desktop web app for order creation and tracking the field executives, While analysing the GA data, it was seen that most of the times the users were logged in from mobile phones for seeing the order detail page and tracking the status of the order. When talked to the merchants, it was clearly seen that they prefer logging in from mobile phones just because of the convenience in terms of portability and the high-speed 4g network penetration.Also there were many merchants who logins from their house and manages the orders of their outlets. 

Requirement list / User stories

  1. As a store owner, I should be able to login with a single login id and be able to access all my stores.

  2. As a store owner, I should be able to create orders for any of my outlets.

  3. As a store manager, I should be able to select one store as default store, in case of managing multiple stores

  4. As a store manager, I need to see all the orders for the day

  5. As a store manager, I want to see the location of the FE, when he is in the field

  6. As a store manager, I want to call the FE in case of emergency situations

  7. As a store manager, I would require option to cancel the order if required

  8. As a store manager, I have to see the details of the FE, and customer

  9. As a store manager, I have to see the status in detail for all the orders

  10. As a store manager, I want to create new orders for my store

  11. As a store manager, I want to be updated with the wait time, Delhivery is having in real time so that I can plan my orders.

  12. As a store manager, I need to change my outlet, not very often, but when required.

  13. As a store manager, I need options to call delhivery call centre executive, when required,

App Starts..

The app starts with Delhivery logo as the splash screen, Once loaded, the app name "Merchnt" will appear and then slide up to form the login screen with the username field in focus, and keyboard open by default. This would be the default landing screen for the app when not logged in.

Outlet selection

On login, the list of outlets belonging to that particular login id is shown on the screens among which the store manager has to select the outlet where he/she works. 

A confirmation would be prompted by the app to make sure the selection is not an error.

Upon confirmation, the orders for that particular centre will be fetched and the users will be taken to the order dashboard.

Monitoring Orders

The dashboard has orders segregated based on the priority of actions to be performed on it. The hierarchy of the order detail page is shown in the image here.


Live tracking of the field executive on the field will be available only once the order is assigned to any particular FE.


The store manager can see the customer details anytime by clicking on the order details card, which will slide up to form the bottom sheet 

Live Order Tracking

Live tracking becomes available as soon as the order is assigned to any of the Delhivery FE. The user can see the live movements of the FE. 


Till the order is picked from the outlet, both the outlet location and FE location are kept in focus on the screen. 


As soon as the order is picked from the outlet, the FE location and the approx customer location is kept in focus.


For delivered orders, the bottom sheet is kept open with the status history, as live tracking is no more required.

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