LMaP Mobile app (Before & After)

LMaP ' Last mile as a Product' is a standalone product used for all the last mile operations performed in the delhivery DC's. The users for the mobile app is the courier boys (FE's) who delivers packages to the end customer. The FE's gets their packages assigned in this app, with which they proceed to the customer for delivering the packages. 


The goal of this project was to rectify all inconsistencies in the existed app and make it more usable.

The main focus was to improve the usability of the app. 

Improved Clickable Space.

Considering the different and extreme situations the field executives (FE) faces while on the field for delivering the packages across the country, we found that many of the times, the FE's uses gloves while riding bikes and has to remove the gloves every time the package has to be delivered. The same happens in cold areas like Shimla, Manali etc.  When they attempt to click, many times wrong selections had been happening because of the lack of clickable space between the elements in the UI. 

Clear demarcation between actionable and informative elements.

The current app lacked this demarcation, as a result of which the users were clicking on informative elements thinking it's something actionable. 

Applying delhivery web-standard theme.

All the products used in delhivery has to be transformed to accomodate this theme.

Improving the productivity of the users.

A little bit of gamification is used to motivate the field executives to deliver more packages.


Remove redundant steps.

Reducing the user interaction by automating and re-grouping contents based on the interactions.


Login - Logout
Welcome screen
Landing page
Home page
  1. The Welcome screen is designed in  a modal which consists of the incentive details the user have earned so far for the month. Along with this, the Name of the FE who performed the best for the month is shown in the app throughout the nation.     

  2. The landing page ( the page user will see when he logs in) is designed to have the summary of the dispatch assigned to the user which consist of the number of packages to be delivered, delivered and that customers have returned. The details of the cash to be collected from COD as well as the incentive that can be earned from the current dispatch is also showed.

  3. The home page consists of the list of packages to be delivered, as this would be the most prominent action the FE would be performing on the field. The customers can be contacted directly from this page by clicking on the call button.

The Navigation.

Throughout the app, it was made sure that the user clearly understands the most important  (primary) actions on the page by keeping it consistently different from the other elements. This is achieved by having one colour as the highlight colour, which is (#217589) in this case.


The accessible thumb space is also considered while placing the buttons in the app. Most of the positive and frequently used buttons are positioned in the bottom of the screen for easy acces. 

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