Delivery app

Android mobile app for the delivery boys (FE's).

The current delivery app, though helped in performing the operations (delivering packages), became cognitively heavy as features got added incrementally as the business requirements kept changing. Hence took a challenge to improve the current app in the following prespective.

gamification on shipment list copy
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1. Searching for a particular shipment

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Shipment list..  Copy 6.png
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Shipment list..  Copy 3.png
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The listing page refined to highlight only the relevant info. Primary identifier is consignee name

Quick search with scanning AWB and entering AWB

Predictive text with consignee name

Predictive text with location name

Scanning opens up to the package detail page with heading as consignee name for easy identification.

Final solution

Considering the average number of packages an FE delivers daily is around 65, Finding the particular shipments from the lengthy scroll in the app made it slightly difficult taking some of the precious time from the FE's day. The challenge here was to get the right set of information available to the FE's at the right moment. 


We started by exploring the scenarios where the FE has to search for any particular piece of information in his daily stretch.

2. Improve time utilisation & engagement

To reduce the time wasted by the FE's while getting the dispatches made by the centre managers. The physical process happening in the facility is given below to explain the context. 

FE time during wait (1).png
Proposed workflow: To utilise the waiting time effectively
utilising app for the dispatch creation.

App workflow

create dispatch workflow.png
create dispatch 0.png
create dispatch 1.png
create dispatch 4.png
create dispatch 6.png
create dispatch 7.png

The Card showing the new create dispatch feature on the landing page

An on-boarding card telling what to be done in the starting of workflow.

After the scanning is completed, the app fetches for the pickup requests generated for the locations based on the addresses of the shipments already in the scanned list and adds to the dispatch list.

Summary screen showing what all has been added to the dispatch list.


Created with Principle

Many a times, it becomes difficult to explain it to the developers how the UI animations should be. Hence Principle comes handy to create quick prototype of the apps.

gamification on shipment list copy
gamification on shipment list copy

3. Improve FE productivity

One of the latest feature that we are planning to introduce in the delivery app, is on the intention of motivating the Field executives. For this we have thought of having a little bit of gamifying the process in-order to make the users proactively improve their productivity. 

The hook

The hook is the first point of interaction with the game where the user's attention is grabbed. Based on the hook, the users take necessary actions in order to achieve the reward. In this app, the hooks are placed in such situations where the FE's won't miss the information. The first one is in landing screen in the form of showing last week summary and the rank 1 FE of the firm to invoke that feeling of competition. the FE's can see the top 20 FE's national level and regional level by clicking on the card.


For the Top performer in a particular facility, the summary card is made special with colours and balloons. whereas for all other FE's the summary card is jusr plain while.

The Rewards

The Rewards are designed in the form of two different metrics, one is the Rank which is given to every user based on their performance including attendance, avg delivery count, etc. Based on the ranks, the users can achieve different hierarchies/levels as shown in the page.

profile - padawan.png


Level 1​

profile - knight.jpg


Level 2​

profile - master.jpg


Level 3​

Profile - platinum (1).png


Level 4


Along with gamifying the app with level, we have also introduced a reward system based on the performance. The FE's can collect points from each of the packages they attempt/deliver. These points can be utilised for redemptions/extra incentives above their pay package.


The performance page can be accessed from the hamburger icon, which opens to show the extra pages to which the FE's can navigate.


Continuous motivation is maintained by pushing relevant info regarding points while they are out in the field delivering packages. These are shown in the app of banner.

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