HQ Dashboard Iterations

This was a part of the larger project " Re-design of HQ web app for international centres". Considering various use cases and expectations of the centre managers/Ground staffs, the whole app was re-structured and re-designed. 

"Delhivery HQ" is the main web app that the company uses for tracking and carry out various operations associated with transferring the packages that users have ordered from the marketplace to the end customers.

Dashboard already in use

The above was the dashboard that the centre managers use to track the performance of their respective centres.

Few issues we noted in the existing panel are


  • The actions belonging to the same entity/workflow were spread out in different horizontal tabs on the top bar.

  • All the metrics are not shown to the user at one time. The user has to select and view particular items from the checkbox given .

  • Errors/critical operations/delays are not shown to the centre manager.

  • All the values are given in the same size as text which makes is straining for the user.

Iterations proposed

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