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Hi, I am Anulal

Roles I've Played

2019 till present

MakeMyTrip Pvt Ltd

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Deputy Manager User Experience

Managing the design charter for myBiz (Corporate travel booking platform powered by MakeMyTrip ) & myParter (the booking platform for travel agents).


Delhivery Pvt Ltd

Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Senior Product Designer

Managing a team of 5 designers, defining, strategising & implementing the design charter for First-mile, Line-haul and Last-mile Products.


Delhivery Pvt Ltd

Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Senior Associate  User  Experience

Design POC for entire line-haul products both web & mobile along with reviewing & mentoring junior resources.


Delhivery Pvt Ltd

Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Associate User Experience

Joined straight from college & worked on first-mile & last-mile products. Also did a bit of user research as well. 


Master of Design

IDC, IIT Bombay

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


3D Graphic Modelling Artist

Pixel Animation Studio

Kerala, India


Diploma in Animation

Vismayam School of Animation

Kerala, India


Bachelor of  Technology

Cochin University of Science & Technology

Kerala, India

                 An obsessive-compulsive designer by all means who also happens to be an avid gamer. Gadget-freak with vital symptoms like the extreme affinity to apple devices and applications that with it. Believes that the human brain is able to multitask and can probably demonstrate my routine as a living specimen. Wakes up and sleeps off in bizarre timings which are often disproportionately proportionate to a number of thought processes running in the background.  The helpless executor of plans and codes once committed to a work. Passionate about pets, football and travelling as well.  Understands the need for long term goals and working progressively towards it. An addict to technology and the endless possibilities that come with it.
                  Apart from work,  you can find me in football shoes trying to score a goal. I am keen on travelling to new places but prefer to stay connected wherever I go. I believe in the power of technology and applications and find it necessary to stay updated on what is trending in the industry now. I love animals and if I end up in a place where technology lets me down, I would have it spend with my pet dog- Rocky. I enjoy watching movies and videos and makes sure one of it runs in the background even when I am working. Sketching and painting have been a vital part of my growing up which imbibed a strong sense towards various design aspects of objects. I also find it fascinating to read mythological thrillers and recommended pieces of fiction.

User Experience 

I want to create a seamless and intuitive experience by matching the hierarchies to the users mental model, based on the context. 

Interaction Design

Create clear dialogues between the user and designed artefacts. To work on tangible products that involve complex user interactions is what I look forward to. 

Industrial Design

Being an Industrial designer, I always want to work on real problems people face and solve it in the best possible ways. 

Key Interests

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