My hobbies

What I am outside work.
If travelling was free, You'd never see me again... 

Find me in mountains when you can't find me at my home during weekends. Travelling / Riding bike / long drives cut me from the daily work tensions and make space to accommodate new roles.

Somewhere in Kalpa
You don't have to sit still to meditate.

People often used to tell me you should meditate to be healthy and keep your mind calm. For me, meditation is not sitting still for a long time closing the eye's, it's about enjoying what I do to the extent that even the body and mind fail to realise that you are actually doing something. The bike rides, mountains, nature, long drives and being with my close friends spending time talking rubbish, all these takes me to a different level of calmness which has helped me to be focused on to what I really wanted to do in life.


This is Me and how my ideal time would be apart from the work life. 

View of Kinnaur Kailash Hills, Himalaya, India
Don't look back..

Life is never as expected. if it was, where is the excitement? Many things happen, many people cross the paths with ours, we fail, we succeed, we get confused, we overreact and at times we just stay numb. Yes, life is always a mystery which has to be explored, experienced and enjoyed. It's up to us whether we should face it or retreat, problems comes and goes, our motivations should not. 



Fear is something which makes everyone stick to their comfort zone. Though you want to overcome, the fact that we don’t know what exactly is waiting for us on the other side makes it difficult to take the decision to try it. Just like the multiple beautiful streams crossing our paths in the pursuit, problems come at various phases, in various shapes at various intensities. It's completely upon us to decide whether to hold on, or just experience the fear and move on. 

On the way to Sarchu..
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