Tripper is a mobile app designed for the truck drivers working with Delhivery in the line haul functions. This app helps to monitor and track various delays happening at multiple points of the line haul journey ( HUB - HUB transfer of bags). Along with this, the app also provides navigation between various centres as an additional help to the truck drivers making sure the drivers follow the predefined route. 



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The main focus was to have minimal and intuitive workflow.

Minimise the user Input required.

Considering the kind of user's (truck) who will be using the app, the main focus was given not to confuse the users with too much of actionable on the screen. 

Make the user actions clear and intuitive.

Considering the literacy level of the users we deal with, we had to make sure all the labels and the language used in the app is comprehensible enough t for the users. Every action supposed to be performed by the users are clearly communicated to them.

Improve the productivity of the users.

The app monitors every delay and detours taken by the truck drivers, which in turn helped in reducing the diversions from the expected behaviour.

Guide the users.

Help the users in case they are confused with the routes to be taken, by taking help with the google maps navigation.

User Persona:



There can be mainly 4 different types of trips possible in line haul. Those are:

1. Single Pick - Single drop

2. Single pick - Multi-drop

3. Multi pick - Multi-drop

4. Multi-pick - Single drop



The app has to accommodate all these scenarios automatically based on the orders received

Initial Mocks and Workflow

The Experience:

New Trip Assigned

The user receives notification in the mail screen when new trips are assigned. On clicking on the notification, the app will be opened with the screen containing the trip details. 


In-case if the user is opening the app when no trips are being assigned, the landing screen will be an illustration saying, No trips assigned. As soon as the trip gets assigned, the details pops up and fills the screen.

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