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Why ?

Our sellers were facing issues with the tracking and visibility regarding their orders, that they keep calling our client servicing team regarding all their issues. 

Onboarding screen

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Order list

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Shipping rate

The onboarding screen involves the important features to be expected from the app.


The features include

Dashboard showing realtime status's

The dashboard consists of all the orders manifested with Delhivery, the users can click on the respective cards to view the list of the orders having that particular status.   

The contextual colours are used to define the criticality of the orders, Red being highly critical are the orders on which the clients would have to take immediate actions, Orange for the warnings and alerts, Green colour indicates the orders which are successfully delivered to the customers. Blue colour indicates the information regarding the orders which are not in a critical state.





dashboard showing realtime staus
quick search

Quick search using AWB number

The quick search helped the users in finding the orders in case they have to check upon any particular order. The predictive text made it easy for them to validate the search results. This search also helped in reducing the number of queries that we were getting on our website for tracking orders.


In the second phase, we are also planning for search by consignee name, which would further reduce the effort in memorising the waybill numbers while searching for the orders.



Quick search using AWB number

Easy recharge & detailed transactions

Easy recharge functionality for all our prepaid clients will help them recharge wallet from anywhere at any time. 

On the other side, the detailed transaction list ensures the users have access to all the activity happened in their wallet. This would help in reducing the queries regarding the deductions and refunds associated with the account.



Wallet and transactions
seller profile

Quick Profile view

The app makes it easy for any of the users to have a view at the profile they have registered with Delhivery and also apply for new services from their fingertip. 


The profile gives all necessary information regarding the current status of the business, like the balance in the wallet, The warehouses registered, add new warehouses if thinking of expanding the business and can also register to new services and payment modes if required. 


In the latest versions, we have also included the functionality to add multiple users to the account from the app and define their rights. 


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